The Team.

Blink is a team of handpicked individuals brought together by a shared vision, common values, and a passion for the same things.

Being small is our BIG advantage! Small agencies are often much more dedicated to their clients and faster in communication, and clients collaborate directly with decision makers.

We do selected campaigns and experience every relationship and job personally. We work with special attention and over time we develop a relationship with client full of understanding. We choose those clients with whom we are “on the same page”, because we develop long-term cooperation with those we accept. Just as true love is recognized by the feeling in the stomach, so are the right people in business!

DRAGANA PEŠIĆ – LEVIĆ is the founder of the Blink agency, a specialist in PR and organizing events with 25 years of experience. In her field of activity, she achieved exceptional results in numerous projects. Clients describe her as an extremely reliable colleague who doesn’t skip on details. Love for technology and the Internet is illustrated by the list of her long-term clients who are mostly from this market segment. Dragana is also engaged as an external consultant for PR projects and event organization in the agencies TAG media and Evento.

EMILIJA PEŠIĆ is an economist, ambitious, yet detail-oriented person who has directed her passion for organization and communication toward the creation and realization of events and PR campaigns. Pronounced coordination abilities and a particularly developed sense of detail make her successful in controlling all aspects of the event. Emilija provides new perspectives and ideas, actively researches, and follows trends in the areas of digital marketing and media relations.

VOJISLAV ILIĆ, a senior designer whose career in the last twenty years has been extremely successful. Versatile and talented, he provides fantastic creative solutions in pre-press, web design, video, and audio production. His expertise involves following global trends in the design industry, and his dedication, innovation, and wide range of skills make him a gem in our team.



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