Media Relations
PR Services.

If you want your target audience to remember and recognize you, being present in the media is essential. You need to tell a concise, engaging, and valuable story tailored just for your audience.

Decades of experience have enabled us to understand the media and how they gather and disseminate information. We harness this knowledge to enhance your project’s media visibility.

We handle comprehensive PR projects for our clients, meticulously crafting an appropriate media mix. PR campaigns aren’t sprints, they’re marathons. So, we start by defining goals, proceed with creating a PR strategy and communication plan. This is followed by a calendar, PR activity schedule, execution, and performance monitoring. We monitor media coverage and provide reports, but the medal usually comes with results evaluation.

We excel at crafting effective and impactful PR strategies, creating recognizable media campaigns, writing and distributing high-quality press releases, organizing events and conferences, and building long-term media relationships. Our task is to provide a spectrum of services that help you achieve your business goals through media presence.

Contrary to popular belief, PR activities yield measurable results, and the effects of a campaign can be monetized quickly.


All PR campaigns we’ve led have delivered significantly higher AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) than the invested campaign budget. This is why media relations should be an integral part of your organization’s integrated communications and market approach.

Our services include:

  • Communication strategy creation
  • PR activity plan creation
  • Editorial services (writing press releases, articles, materials localization, translation)
  • Media release and article distribution, editorials, etc.
  • Lobbying (arranging media coverage, interviews, appearances)
  • Corporate communication
  • Media-oriented events organization
  • Press conferences organization
  • Media monitoring
  • Press clipping
  • Reports and evaluation



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