Blink is a PR agency specialized in event management and public relations.

Since 2008 we have organized over 500 events for clients relying on our support and expertise in planning, executing, and evaluating event’s success.

We ensure our clients get a fair share of media coverage as the strategic approach to communications enables us to deliver stories of their activities to the right audiences at the best time possible.

With our help you can:

  • invest less and get more effective business events
  • save the time of your inhouse team and distribute the resources more efficiently
  • optimize events organizing budgets
  • ensure more media presence with less investment
  • become more attractive to media and enhance your business reputation
  • accurately measure the results of each project that we implement for you and with you


more than


more than

events organized

more than

media clips

more than

million Euros worth of media reports

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billions of people were reached by the information


“For us, the Blink agency is synonymous with PR activities and is proof that when you fully dedicate yourself to your users and take your work seriously, success must be guaranteed. Through the network of their associates, they always manage to deliver our messages to the right audience. Due to their professional approach, cooperation with Blink is a real pleasure!”

Nebojša Đekić, Director of Sales and Development, Cargo-Partner d.o.o., Serbia

“We started cooperation with the Blink agency after carefully considering the offers of several other PR agencies based in Belgrade. As a multinational company, we were interested in finding a firm that could meet our complex needs. We are extremely satisfied with the engagement of the Blink agency, and after many years of experience in working with PR firms in the USA, we can confirm that the Blink agency is the first to deliver great results very quickly, all of which are measurable and with a direct reflection on the return on investment. The care for clients and the attention to every detail by Dragana and her team are extraordinary!”

Paul Gallagher, Partner and Head of Client Services, Will Marlow Agency d.o.o., Belgrade

“Dragana is the best PR partner and event organizer you could wish for! She is self-confident, perfectly organized, and has excellent connections both in the media and with local suppliers throughout Serbia. It was a pleasure to work with Blink Agency.”

Gergana Petrova, External Relations Officer at RIPE NCC

“The Blink team provided us with excellent support in planning, design, and especially in the execution of the event itself. We could not have done everything successfully without their support and knowledge. Thank you for your positive spirit, pragmatism, and patience.”

Marie-Hélène Côté, Practice Development Lawyer, Kinstellar

“Dragana Pešić-Lević is an example of a successful businesswoman with exceptional dedication to clients. Every event organized by the Blink agency is prepared with a complete understanding of the client’s needs and factors for the success. The realization was always exceptional, with Dragana’s control, which is always present to solve every obstacle that occurs during the event. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of small agencies is the “personal touch” and the commitment of the key people in the agency to understand the needs of clients and devote themselves to their realization. The Blink agency cultivates this approach in all its work segments, so they delight us every day by anticipating our needs and proactively participating in our communication with the public and the media.”

Danko Jevtović, Director, Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS)

“Cooperation with Blink is a great experience! From the start, open and friendly communication on the one hand, and maximum professionalism and responsibility on the other. Dragana is always one step ahead of what we set as a task, and the impression is that there are no unsolvable problems for her team which is the result of very thorough preparation for the event. Consulting in connection with the implementation of the “Digital Day” project meant a lot to us both in terms of great experience of the agency staff and the constant availability of everything we needed. The overall impression is that at the end of the project, you get more than you could have expected. All recommendations!”

Aleksandar Petković, Executive Director, IAB Serbia

“A reliable partner who will listen to your needs, as well as the expertise of the employees who met our expectations!” We are particularly pleased with the dedication of the employees in finding ways to achieve the desired goal. In this sense, we are satisfied with the cooperation with Blink and recommend them to everyone as a good business partner.”

Aleksandra Stanšić, Marketing Director, Vulkan Znanje

“We have had excellent cooperation with the Blink agency since 2010, which includes organizing events and media support on a daily basis. Together, we have managed to raise media presence and public awareness of RNIDS, constantly increasing the number of media announcements over time. The public image of our organization has become clearer and closer to our target audience, while our educational programs, public lectures, panel discussions, and other events have become more frequent. During these many years of cooperation with Blink, we have successfully organized hundreds of events dedicated to the media and the general population. We are especially proud of our annual DIDS conference, which has been organized and has strong media support in collaboration with Blink since it was first organized in 2010. Over the years, DIDS has become a huge regional conference gathering more than 400 participants. Thanks to Blink, DIDS has had excellent media support with over 200 announcements per year and around 30 media sponsors.
During this time, Dragana has proved that she is very cooperative and adaptable and that she is a partner we can rely on and that can fulfill all our requirements. Therefore, it is our pleasure to recommend her and the Blink agency for any type of cooperation.”

Predrag Milićević, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, RNIDS

“With Blink, we managed to establish a successful cooperation immediately, and already after the first campaign we had excellent and measurable results. Punctual and precise, they always stick to agreements and plans. For us, as an NGO, the PR support they provide us is very important and contributes to the quality of our daily work and recognition among citizens.”

Ana Toskić Cvetinović, Executive Director, Partners Serbia

“Thanks to the extraordinary professionalism, responsibility, friendly and subtle approach, without unnecessary words and actions, led by the sure hand of Dragana Pešić – Lević, the campaign of Krojačeva Škola and the Open Society Foundation was successful, with abundant press and media coverage that exceeded all expectations Thanks to Dragana and the great team!”

Ana Jovanović, Director of Krojačeva Škola







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